Recently, there have been many cases of someone pretending to be one of our employees and suggesting business in Southeast Asia (especially in Philippines). If you meet such a person, please contact us through the "Inquiry form" on our website.

Business outline of marusui
People say that we Japanese are the leading fish-eating nation in the world. Fish is not only the important food for us but also the essential source of nutrition from past to present.

The consumption of marine products in Japan sums up to nine million tons a year, which is 2nd largest country after China. In the same time Japan imports about 40% of annual total consumption of the same to be the No.1 country for import of the marine products.

Sapporo-city, or Northern capital of Japan, has the 3rd largest Central Wholesale Market in Japan, where the supply and demand is always well organized. We, Marusui Sapporo Chuo Suisan Co.Ltd. as a Whole Seller acting in the Sapporo Central Wholesale Market, is dealing with variety of fresh fish, frozen, processed or seasoned etc. We are playing key role as the northern gateway of Japan to seafood.